The Avenaire Story

We embarked on the Avenaire journey with a big dream: connecting event planners and freelancers. With Avenaire, we aim to drive impactful events by bringing great event and project opportunities to the right talents.

Avenaire is a Software-as-a-Service platform that enables freelancers to list their skills and qualifications for events’ needs, search for event’s freelancing task listings and seamlessly manage their schedules while having their payments and rights protected with our escrow and digital contract system.

Through Avenaire, we also aim to provide event planners with a platform to find, collaborate and build a trusted community with freelancers in their quest of delivering impactful events.

The sky is the limit

We aspire to drive innovations and uncover possibilities with great minds and ideas to revolutionise the event industry.

Working closely with our event planners, freelancers and other ecosystem players, we aim to realise our aspirations in 3 main aspects.

Our B2B-centric system was designed around the need for managing the documentation, finance and compliance check involved in freelancer hiring, for both event planners and freelancers. With our corporate-friendly features and thoughtful details, we aim to enable both parties to follow-through with the hiring process with less worries over the paperwork.
Drive Innovations
Discover Possibilities
We work closely with our freelancers to come up with new and innovative ways to showcase their skills and abilities. By introducing flexible portfolio showcase options, a thorough system for service package creation, as well as a comprehensive skill tagging framework, we aspire to evoke interesting event concepts to prospective hirers and bring the event experience to new heights.
Given that the event industry is rather fragmented, where most data currently available is only for large-scale MICE events, we aim to harness data from the system to discover new trends and consumer behaviours, providing event planners with more insights for delivering higher-quality events.